Hawk/Dedalus Application

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Hawk/Dedalus Application

Post  Dedalus2xx8 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:06 pm

1) How long have you played
Started in 2007 but have been on and off for 6 month burts I guess, around 20mill skill points specific to caldari ships and fittings.

2) Where do you live? (Time Zone)
United Kingdom

3) What do you enjoy doing: PVP, PVE, etc.
Primarily I am a mission runner and money maker I guess (I enjoy making money lol), have done on and off pvp mainly in 0.0 but only really in big blob alliances which was boring. Best time I had was with a m8 of mine when we went out in 3 man cells of HAC's, however all this usually ended up with me going back to money making and missioning.

4) How many alts do you have
I have 1 extra alt which is my primary money making alt which dosnt move out of jita Smile

API has already been provided via eve mail to xicorio as requested in lost souls channel.


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