*Membership/Registration Requirements*

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*Membership/Registration Requirements*

Post  Mon Marth on Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:42 am

Corp Registration Requirements - Read or App will be deleted

STEP 1: Application - Copy-paste this into a new post and fill out the details:
This helps us get to know our new applicants better to see if you will be a good match for the corp.

Applicant Information:
1) Main Character Name & Sp:
2) How long have you played EVE?
3) Where do you live? (Time Zone)
4) How old are you?  (optional)
5) What do you enjoy doing: PVP, PVE, etc. AND What are you looking for out of EVE?
6) What can you bring to the table?
7) What outstanding ships or skills do you have?
8a) How many alts do you have? 
8b) How many SP and what do you use them for? 
8c) How many will be joining corp?
9) Other Comments:

  • STEP 2: You need to make a NEW TOPIC for each application.

  • STEP 3: If your application is approved on the forum, you may put a corp application in and REGISTER on the forum HERE.
    Then follow Step 4.

  • STEP 4: YOU MUST register with your MAIN EVE CHARACTER as your username, i.e. "Mon Marth" - No Exceptions

    **::NOTE::If you have already registered, your username WILL BE changed to your MAIN EVE CHARACTER's name.

More Information about the Corp - You May Already Have Read This!
Lost Souls (ingame name "Lost 5ouls") is a group of experienced players that decided to band together out of common interest to form their own corp. We are a wormhole corp, which unfortunately makes us sound like a PvE corp. In reality, we are a PvP corp that live in wormholes for good isk opportunities whenever desired but mainly for the impenetrable sanctuary fortress that we have built there.

The Following Criteria Must be Met:

  • 8 Million Skillpoints - You must have had experience in other corps. - This is required if you do not have someone in corp to vouch for you.
  • Mature - This is up to our discretion, we do not accept whiny bitches, or nazis.
  • Somewhat Self-sufficient. We are not here to hold anyone's hand, but we do work as a team.
  • PVP experience - You will participate in defending our space. A defense fleet is mandatory.
  • Ventrilo is mandatory for ops and general use is required to keep up membership.
  • Long periods of absence are ok, just let someone know or you will most likely be dropped after a month of inactivity.
  • Pilots who can fit a t2 tanked battleship. Some PvP experience is desired but not a requirement. (note, we do not require T2 guns!)
  • Your PvP main MUST be in corp.
  • Any time zone. We have groups of European(Irish, English) and American players right now.


  • Constant PvP opportunities, usually in 0.0 and some lowsec.
  • Mercenary PvP opportunities with corporate rewards for you personally.
  • Sanctuary w-space POSes to live out of. A necessary evil.
  • Potential to make billions of ISK solo or in groups out of w-space in whatever style suites you.
  • Corporation funded capital AND ship programs for those that are active and involved with corporation activities.
  • Freedom to do whatever you want. We will never demand a corp share or tax of any kind from member activities. 0% corp tax.
  • Many active senior members who will be happy to give you their wisdom and help when needed.
  • A democratic environment where appropriate new concepts are heard and discussed.

If you wish to chat it up with some members join the "Lost 5ouls" in game channel and make your intentions known.

Lost 5ouls
The EVE Online Wormhole Corp that Doesn't Suck Ass
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