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Post  Silverfo on Mon May 03, 2010 5:54 am

1) Main Character Name & Sp: Silverfox986 11.7 mil SP
2) How long have you played EVE? 2 years but been inactive more parts of it
3) Where do you live? (Time Zone) GMT
4) How old are you? (optional) 22
5) What do you enjoy doing: PVP, PVE, etc. AND What are you looking for out of EVE? Going crazy staring at roids and building ships =)
6) What can you bring to the table? i am a tec 1 [atm] ship builder. i also have the ablity 2 build rigs [tec 1 aging =(] but my most important skill is that i am a cap builder as well so i can help build any captail part or cap ships =)
7) What outstanding ships or skills do you have? hight contrustion skills and a full fitted mammoth for hauling =) and a full fitted hulk as well =)
Cool How many alts do you have? one other shadowfox986 19 mil SP user =) tis my mission runner. and is corpless. can fly SB CS HAC but is built for spamming missles =)


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